Student Employee
Training Program

Student Affairs
Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

Student Affairs supports the teaching, research, and public service missions of the University of California, San Diego, by providing critical services, developmental activities, and experiences for the matriculation, academic achievement, personal development, and quality of life for all UCSD students.

Through both college-based and campuswide services and programs, Student Affairs fosters the intellectual, social, ethical, and personal development of students, preparing students to become engaged and constructive members of a diverse, dynamic, and global society.

Strategic Goals:

Student Affairs has 6 strategic goal areas, which directly guide the administration and operations of Student Affairs:

  1. Prepare, attract, and enroll students of the highest capability who are representative of the diversity of the people of California
  2. Create a supportive environment that facilitates the wellness, retention, academic advancement and graduation of students
  3. Develop programs, services, and environments to build a welcoming and inclusive community that creates a sense of safety and belonging for all students
  4. Deliver co-curricular opportunities that foster learning, self-discovery and respectful engagement in student life
  5. Provide experiences that enable students to develop the personal, academic, and professional skills and relationships needed for a successful transition into diverse and global communities
  6. Engage students, parents, alumni, and community members in experiences that ignite a sense of pride, ownership and personal investment in the ongoing success of UC San Diego

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