Student Employee
Training Program


Welcome to the student employee training program, which will provide you with a comprehensive and consistent training approach as you embark on your new employment opportunity within Student Affairs. This educational program, which is based on learning outcomes that are deemed most critical, prepares new student employees in the areas of (a) diversity awareness, (b) communication and professionalism, (c) personal and professional wellness, and (d) customer service. There are various student learning outcomes linked to each of the four modules, which serves as a foundation for further training opportunities within Student Affairs. As an employee, you are a valued member of the Student Affairs and UC San Diego community, and it is our hope that you will use the training as an educational foundation for expanding your professional opportunities.

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  1. Play video below to begin the training program.
  2. Enter the code from the video into the field below.
  3. Click button below stating 'Submit code and start training'.
  4. Please note, that you will also be prompted to log-in to Single Sign On to complete the modules.

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